Class of 2016 

Hi, please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Jim and Kathy Naklick; we own and operate Creative Imaging fine photography, located in Pierrepont Manor (6 miles south of Adams). Jim has been a professional photographer for over 30 years and has photographed hundreds of seniors just like yourself.


You won't have a second chance to look good. So it pays to trust this all-important portrait to the studio that gives you photographs you will be thrilled to absolutely the most fun experience possible.


At Creative Imaging, our main business is senior portraiture. We photograph many seniors from all over Jefferson, Lewis, Oswego and St. Lawrence counties. You'll have a fun portrait session and creative portraits at an affordable price.


You'll simply look better. At Creative Imaging, our passion is to make you look better than you ever imagined. Jim's artistic skill and craftsmanship flatter you in every way. He combines 30 years of camera and lighting know-how with the human touch of knowing how to put you at ease in front of the camera. This is why a Creative Imaging senior portrait always stands out from the crowd.

You choose exactly the styles of photography you like. We give you lots of  choices. Any session can be a combination of camera room portraits, either formal or casual, plus outdoor portraits. The grounds at the Manor House include some many different looks, that no two seniors will have the same background.  

Backgrounds, backgrounds, backgrounds! Tired of seeing the same old dull and boring backgrounds and fake props? No one else even comes close to the background and prop combinations available at Creative Imaging. You're assured of a totally unique look.

Location! location! . Our new studio, located in the historic Manor House has it all! From the elegant ballroom to the grand staircase to the rustic carriage house to the numerous outdoor settings: it's your choice -- formal or casual portraits (or both!)

Parents are welcome!!

Have you been asked by photographers to leave the camera room ever since your child was 2 years old? That doesn't happen at Creative Imaging.

We feel nobody knows your son or daughter better than you. We value your input during the session. Of course, many of the portraits will be for you and your family and we want to make sure we are on the right track in getting just what you want. Especially if you had something special in mind, it is important that you communicate that to us. The more information you give us, the more your portraits will be exactly as you wanted. Giving you exactly what you are looking for is our sincere goal.

Although you may feel your presence may make your child uncomfortable, we have found that to be very rare. In fact, we normally see it makes them feel more at ease.

We have heard from so many parents that the session was a fun experience for them. And in retrospect, they would not have missed it for anything! We hope you feel that way too!!

At Creative Imaging...

  Yearbook photos included free with every package - we even send them to the school for you!

Proofs are ready on the next day - sometimes the same day!!!

Black & White, Sepia tone, selective color, available at no additional charge

An endless variety of products and looks.

Why choose Creative Imaging for your senior portraits?

  • Sessions are customized to fit your style and needs

  • Personalized service!  You won't find a "rush routine" at Creative Imaging

  • We have the latest backgrounds, props and sets available

  • Plenty of outdoor locations, our private outdoor park and gardens offer endless possibilities 

  • Anything goes!  Bring your own props for a look that is truly you

  • No waiting!  We schedule plenty of time just for you

  • You only do it once - DO IT RIGHT!

  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed!!!

Call Creative Imaging at 465-4848 to schedule your appointment 


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